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Historical Photos from Oregon, WI

Ames with fish
Band in 1908
Band, Community
Baseball team 1906
Baseball team 1914
Basketball League Champs 1934
Basketball Team 1939
Basketball Team 1956
Bloomer Girls
Bowling: Trophy winners, 1961
Bowling: Trophy winners, 1962
Bowling: Trophy winners, 1963
Business Community, 1920
Business Section in 1880
Centennial Dress
Christmas mail
Class of 1913 Graduation Photos
Copenhagen Street
Cousins near Village Hall
Cronk's Opera House
Cutting Ice on Lake Harriet
Fire Dept. 1950s
First Grade Class 1923
First Old Folks Reception
Football 1897
Girl with Buggy about 1903
Graduating class 1910
Hallelujah Camp Grounds
Harvest, 1843
Hitching Park 1906
Holiday Party 1953
Hotel, Early in Oregon
Hunting Group
Jefferson Street (1918)
Junior Prom 1934
Kitchen, during Fall Harvest
Local lake photo from glass slide
Memorial Day 1904
Memorial Day 1907
Model Train Exhibit
Netherwood building, 1898
Netherwood building, 1950s
Netherwood Hall fire O'Brian, Dr. James and Lydia O'Brien
Oregon Village Hall construction 1941
Oregon Teachers 1944
Oregon, Wisconsin - Downtown (1907)
Oregon, Wisconsin - Main Street (1906)
Pledger's Cream Station
Powers & Wackman 1895
Prairie View Cemetery 1910
Red Brick High School
1867 School Building
School bus in 1924
Section Gang 1910
Soldiers Passing through Oregon
Snow Winter 1929
Snow Drifts Apr 1959
Third Grade Class, Mava Berger's 1936
Tobacco Harvest
Train derailment 1906
Water Tower and Pump House
Women's Club Chorus 1928
Young Men
Young Women
Two photos from 1908 when the Boston Bloomers Ladies Baseball team played in Oregon.
1904 Memorial Day:
After the Woman's Relief Corps was active in Oregon. Memorial day was special.
1910 class:
The Oregon High School Graduating class of 1910
The Men's baseball team of 1906.
1914 Oregon baseball team:
The Men's baseball team of 1914. Can you help identify one of the players?
Oregon Community band:
An early version of our popular summer group.
1897 football:
A team of young men from the Town of Rutland. Help with one identification needed.
Veterans of the First World War. Help with several identifications needed.
Christmas mail:
Peter Paulson drives a cart with a load of Christmas mail.
In 1943 two local men organized Oregon businessmen to work on farms during harvest time because of the worker shortage.
Hearty laughter mixed with good food during the fall harvest.
Section Gang 1910:
Patrick J. Landers and his section gang.  Help with identification of other individuals needed.
Cronk's Opera House
Cronk's Opera House was the center of social activities for many years in the early 1900's.
Hallelujah Camp Grounds
In the early 1920's, a large interdenominational evangelistic complex was built on the corner of Janesville St. and S. Perry Parkway.
Oregon, Wisconsin - Downtown (1907)
Post card written September 10, 1907.
Oregon Business Community, 1920
Gathering of Oregon Business Community, 1920
Oregon Hitching Park, 1906
Wagons gathered in the Oregon Hitching Park, 1906
Cutting Ice on Lake Harriet
Ed and Ernie Culp cut ice west of Oregon
Pledger's Cream Station
Charles, Belle, Vera & Audrey Pledger in front of the Cream Station, c. 1928.
Ames with fish
William L. Ames and son after a day of fishing
School bus in 1924
P.H. Dvergedal with school bus on N. Main St.
1934 Junior Prom
King and Queen of the prom with other their court and friends.
Train derailment in 1906
Oregon was not immune to train wrecks.
1923 First Grade Class
This photo was published in the Oregon Observer.
Dr. James and Lydia O'Brien
These two were identified following some research, matching some photos and going to the cemetery.
Hunting Group
Group of men who motered to Leland, Wis for a day of hunting.
Holiday Party 1953
South Side Women's Group, Holiday Party, Dec. 26, 1953
Soldiers Passing through Oregon
Continuing until the late 1930's, cavalry soldiers stationed in Illinois would pass through Oregon every summer.
Oregon Women's Club Chorus 1928
The Oregon Women's Club Chorus, under the direction of Don McGill, offered four to six programs a year between 1927 and 1937.
Prairie View Cemetery in 1910
Postcard views sent by a Marshfield Resident.
Oregon Teachers 1944
Teachers at the Red Brick School gather for their annual photo.
Oregon Model Train Exhibit
Diorama depicting the area of the depot and railroad yards of Oregon in the early 1900's.
Centennial Dress
An Oregon Centennial dress with an interesting history was donated to the Oregon Area Historical Society museum by Oregon resident, Patty Kexel.
Oregon Band in 1908
Oregon has a long tradition of music in the community.
Netherwood building, 1898
Construction of the Netherwood building on the south side of the square.
1939 Basketball Team
March Madness 1939: Oregon High School Goes to State
Red Brick High School
C.H. Bonsack classroom, 1926.
First Old Folks Reception
Gathering in June 1897, first of what became annual tradition.
Oregon Business Section in 1880
Illustration showing most Oregon businesses in 1880, with locations listed by name.
An Early Hotel in Oregon
The first frame hotel was built in 1845 and called the Oregon Exchange.
Bowling: Bank of Oregon Trophy winners, 1961
The Barry Stables team receives the high average award from Bank of Oregon President Owen Richards.
Bowling: Bank of Oregon Trophy winners, 1962
Herbie's Supper Club Team wins with 1962 High Average (888).
Bowling: Bank of Oregon Trophy winners, 1963
West's Standard wins the 1963 High Average Award (861).
Mava (Jensen) Berger's 1936 3rd Grade Class
Mava Berger taught 3rd grade for many years in the Oregon School District.
Building the Oregon Village Hall in 1941
The Federal Works Progress Administration works on the construction of the Oregon Village Hall.
Netherwood Hall fire
A landmark Oregon building on the corner of Main and Jefferson Streets was destroyed by fire in June, 1898.
Powers & Wackman building
This building, pictured in an Oregon Observer supplement in 1895, is now part of the Mason's on Main Restaurant.
Lake Waubesa around 1900
This is one of several prints made by David Stluka from glass slides owned by Betsy Munro.
Jefferson Street (1918)
Jefferson Street (1918), taken from 420 Jefferson Street, home of Clarence and Eunice Hanan
Oregon: Main St(1906)
Looking south on Main Street (1906)
Oregon Water Tower and Pump House
A 100 foot high steel water tower and 15,000 wooden gal tank was built in 1898.
Where's the fire?
This is a 1950's photo of the volunteer Fire Department.
Cousins near City Hall, 1949
Cousins Clint Brown, Clarence A. Hanan, and Guy Johnson.
Young men
Group of young men including Roy Butler, Stanley Christensen, Steve Madsen, Elmer Nelson, Norris Ace, and Chas. Sobinsky
Basketball League Champions 1934
Coach E.A. Kozlovsky’s Oregon high school basketball team clinched the Madison Suburban league title in 1934.
Memorial Day in Oregon, 1907
An earlier (1907) Memorial Day in Oregon with the local residents heading to the cemetery.
The Netherwood Building, 1950's
A history of the building and its tenants since 1898.
Girl with Buggy about 1903
A charming winter scene of Jesse Taylor, about 1903 in Oregon.
1867-68 School Building
School building was divided to become three separate buildings.
Early view of "Copenhagen" Street
Now Jefferson St., the street was originally named after the hometown of many Danes who lived there.
Tobacco Harvest
Adolph Johnson field, where he raised 16 acres of tobacco.
Group of Young Women
Located in front of Red Brick School.
Class of 1913 graduation
Two photos, one taken at Cronk's Opera House
Snow Winter of 1929/30
Elizabeth Wischoff, Milton Wischoff, Sr. and his wife, Ethel with Frank McDermott car in snow.
Snow Drifts April 1959
Chevrolet with huge drifts, probably heading west on Hwy CC.
1956 Oregon Basketball Team
Photo showing the 1956 "City Team"

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